If you’re not able to tell, this episode is audio ripped from the AdventureRx Vlog and while it’s episode 21 on YouTube it’s episode 45 on the podcast. Moving forward I am planning on doing more episodes like this where I am able to share the same content across multiple platforms. I’d love to have time and space and funding to do separate shows but for now, this is what we are able to accomplish! Life on the road is wonderful but not without sacrifices.

I recently found out that they took my drivers license away because I have diabetes and didn’t get recurring doctors notes stating that I was “OK to drive”. After 17 years of micromanaging my own health in order to stay safe and active, I have a few things to say about the UT DMV and the way they (mis)understand living with diabetes. I try not to rant a lot because it’s often not useful but when the state starts messing with such an integral part of your livelihood, it really can wind up putting you at risk.

Filling prescriptions requires a current license. Traveling to see my doctor requires a license. It just seem like this is a simple issue that should be brought into perspective with the current level of technology that allows people living with diabetes to be perfectly safe drivers.

The question is this: should people just lie about their medical conditions to keep these kinds of issues from arising?

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