I’m not talking about joining witness protection or running away to Argentina. When I say ‘becoming someone else’ I’m talking about my review of new years resolutions. I have several tasks that I want to accomplish in 2016 and the person I am today can’t get the job done. I’m going to have to evolve (grow up? in order to fit these resolutions into the next year:

  • Climbing: Send 5.12c and log 100,000 vertical feet
  • Creative: 100 videos chronicling life on the road and the pursuit of the above climbing goal
  • Business: formally launch my freelance media company to solidify my self employment and life on the road

I know that the person I am now–won’t be able to accomplish these things. If I can place these goals in my forefront and go for them over the next year, I may not actually achieve them but I will certainly achieve something and gain ground along the way. I wrote a blog this past week about this very topic which you can read here.

This is the last episode in 2015. The next time you hear from me I’ll be out on the road…somewhere out west. I don’t know precisely when the podcast will resume for season 3 but in the meantime I’d love to connect with you and to hear what you’re stoked on! Comment below or email me: steve@livingvertical.org. You can also subscribe on YouTube and follow the journey as it unfolds there.

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