We have just under a month until we depart on the AdventureRx roadshow, traveling, climbing and having free meetups in the outdoors–and sharing that journey right here with you. This episode is about the logistics of where we go one we have the trailer–east or west–and the challenges of moving into a trailer that is located in Minnesota…in the dead of winter…from Massachusetts.

It’s not going to be easy with the baby along and a pretty austere budget. Nevertheless, it seems like it’s important to share the reality of this process and devil certainly is in the details. How we share that is going to be another matter. Rather than try to continue producing weekly podcasts while getting settled in the trailer, I feel like it makes more sense to take a break until the springtime so that we have a chance to start the next season of the podcast with some momentum. There are a handful of additional episodes yet to post in this season, but I want our community to be aware that there will be down time as we are transitioning.

Make sure you are subscribed to our email updates, our facebook and YouTube–because we aren’t going to be crawling under a rock–just changing focus for a time to more “visual” mediums where we can show you what we are seeing! I hope we will see you out there–after this episode you will have an idea of where we are going to be in early 2016 and I’d love it if you reached out to see if we can’t organize some sort of meetup or event. Let’s make it happen!

In this episode–a shameless plug for Cliff Hanger Guides in Joshua Tree California–if you want to learn to climb, these folks are absolutely outstanding! They didn’t pay me for this plug and aren’t sponsors or anything, just great friends and terrific climbing guides.

Music for the Adventure Rx podcast was graciously provided by our friends Pattern–I can’t recommend their albums highly enough! If you would like to download their albums and thank them for their contribution to our work click here >> Support Pattern because their music is AMAZING!<<

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