It’s the night before thanksgiving–just the right time for a podcast on the fly! I decided to see if I could apply the “downsizing” that I have been doing to my closet and electronics–to the AdventureRx podcast! That’s right…this entire episode was made from audio recorded on iPhone with some help from a small plugin attachment from Zoom. In the turmoil of turning our life upside down it’s been hard to get space (and time!) to record and so I thought it could be interesting to see how light we can go with our audio–but this isn’t something I am anticipating using under normal conditions…I just figured it would be good to know how it performs!

In this episode I help kick off the spirit of the holidays by sharing a bit about how my life is changing as it is less controlled by stuff as we approach our departure. In anticipation of the “You’re so lucky, I could never do that” refrain that is frequently heard upon embarking on an adventure, I decided to head that issue off at the pass.

  1. I am thankful for the opportunities and people and skills that I have been blessed with. I don’t believe that any person is an island. Success is always more diverse than that. Those are things that are beyond my control and that I can’t take any credit for them. The assets we each have are a mixed bag, just like the pitfalls that are scattered on our paths.
  2. I am content with the choices I have made in my life over the last 12 years that have put me in a position to be able to pursue an unconventional lifestyle with the hope of being able to support my family in the process. It’s easy to look at the tip of the iceberg without realizing how much lies beneath it. There are many sacrifices, challenges and struggles unique to this way of living–just like any lifestyle. Much of that I have recounted in past blogs, videos and podcast. Much of that has never been spoken of publicly because I don’t like to dwell on the difficulties.

I don’t like idealizing things so I don’t pretend that everyone can just drop what they are doing at the moment and live a life of adventure. I think that time and timing are the biggest variables in this equation–and for the record, we could be talking about almost anything here, not just an oddball lifestyle of living out of a trailer while creating media. I firmly believe that no matter how outrageous your goal or how out of step it is with the social narrative you are constantly fed, if you work towards it long enough you will be in a place of greater opportunity, even if it means failing your way to success.

Or vastly readjusting how you define success .

Am I lucky? I can’t say. Maybe if I had gone to college at Northern Arizona University like I wanted I would have gotten into climbing sooner and gotten stronger and become a sponsored athlete! Maybe I would have gotten hit by a bus and never learned even made it out alive. What I do know is that I am thankful–for the struggles and the opportunities–because to someone who has no option to bail, there is no difference between the two.

Happy thanksgiving my friends!

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