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Episode 45 They took my license! | Angry diabetic rant

If you’re not able to tell, this episode is audio ripped from the AdventureRx Vlog and while it’s episode 21 on YouTube it’s episode 45 on the podcast. Moving forward I am planning on doing more episodes like this where I am able to share the same content across multiple platforms. I’d love to have time and space and funding to do separate shows but for now, this is what we are able to accomplish! Life on the road is wonderful but not without sacrifices.

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Episode 44 Diabetes burnout | adjusting expectations from control to influence

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This topic was inspired by this blog that I wrote (with video) and really started percolating when I was scrolling around social media and thinking about the rampant diabetes burnout that dominates much of the posting I see every day. Is it all a matter of bad luck and helpless happenstance–or is there some leverage that we can exert over the situation? In this episode I suggest some possible causes for this issue and some ways that I have been learning to decrease my time spent “stuck in a rut”.

Before getting into the show notes I want to announce that the AdventureRx Podcast may not be posting weekly podcast episodes in 2016. This decision boils down to the logistics of road-studio work. Time and space are at a premium living in a 13′ foot trailer. I am working freelance gigs month-to-month to pay the bills and that impacts the amount of unpaid computer-sitting I am willing to do. The show will go on–but the show must also fit in!

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Episode 43 Do people still listen to podcasts in 2016? | Type 1 Diabetes

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I’m not sure if people still listen to podcasts in 2016 but if you’re still there and ready to crush stereotypes and take our diabetes to new and exciting places, I’m game! This episode is my best attempt to catch you up with the events that have transpired since episode 42. Most notably, I’ve moved into the trailer and my family and I are living on the road. Finally. We are still traveling a lot–right now we are in Boston for work  and we will be back out west in early March. Since Stefanie is a flight attendant based out of Logan, it’s a necessary commute and it’s also good to see family back east on a regular basis.

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Episode 42 You can't get there from here

I’m not talking about joining witness protection or running away to Argentina. When I say ‘becoming someone else’ I’m talking about my review of new years resolutions. I have several tasks that I want to accomplish in 2016 and the person I am today can’t get the job done. I’m going to have to evolve (grow up? in order to fit these resolutions into the next year:

  • Climbing: Send 5.12c and log 100,000 vertical feet
  • Creative: 100 videos chronicling life on the road and the pursuit of the above climbing goal
  • Business: formally launch my freelance media company to solidify my self employment and life on the road

I know that the person I am now–won’t be able to accomplish these things. If I can place these goals in my forefront and go for them over the next year, I may not actually achieve them but I will certainly achieve something and gain ground along the way. I wrote a blog this past week about this very topic which you can read here.

This is the last episode in 2015. The next time you hear from me I’ll be out on the road…somewhere out west. I don’t know precisely when the podcast will resume for season 3 but in the meantime I’d love to connect with you and to hear what you’re stoked on! Comment below or email me: You can also subscribe on YouTube and follow the journey as it unfolds there.

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Episode 41 Fear is the mind-killer: waiting and worrying

With nothing to do but wait to leave, it’s hard not to worry about…basically everything. It feels like we should be doing more to prepare but there really isn’t much beyond the day to day left (other than actually loading up the car). In episode 40 the topic of fear came up and in these in-between moments getting ready I’ve been thinking a lot about fear. Not big, scary, serious fear–but little, insidious, worries that cast huge shadows in our lives and stop us from taking the steps to do the things that could change everything for us.

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Episode 40 The glass half empty: 10 reasons you shouldn't try to live the dream

In recent episodes I’ve focused on informing and enabling those who are interested in trying to live the dream”.  Of course, the whole concept of there being a “dream” in the first place is totally flawed. My goal isn’t to get all existential with you–but rather take a slightly different angle on the pursuit of goals, using my own upcoming lifestyle shift as an example. This episode is an examination of 10 drawbacks to any risky pursuit–and I have continuously been rolling them around in my own head. I decided long ago that if I could be talked out of this adventure, then I shouldn’t be going for it in the first place. Any goal you will pursue will require that view of the drawbacks to be understood and accepted–the specifics of my own process are only a starting point for that process.

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Episode 39 Living the "dream": 10 strategies I used to leave my job and hit the road

We have just over a month until everything gets turned upside down (ish) and our family hits the road. I am keen to document the choices that led us to the point of being able to try this–so I am sharing the 10 strategies I used to leave my job and hit the road. I have no idea if this project will succeed–or even what my exact definition of success is for this project. I think that there will be moment of ups and downs and so long as there isn’t a precipitous nosedive, then we will have to choose to create a narrative of success from the obstacles of day-to-day life. I wrote a blog post about the questions I asked myself in order to get to this point with this project and the definitions of success and failure are part of that.

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Episode 38 Launch date for the AdventureRx roadshow, east coast or west coast for the winter--and Tarantulas?

We have just under a month until we depart on the AdventureRx roadshow, traveling, climbing and having free meetups in the outdoors–and sharing that journey right here with you. This episode is about the logistics of where we go one we have the trailer–east or west–and the challenges of moving into a trailer that is located in Minnesota…in the dead of winter…from Massachusetts.

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Episode 37 Doing more with less: preparation for life on the road (audio recorded on iPhone!)

It’s the night before thanksgiving–just the right time for a podcast on the fly! I decided to see if I could apply the “downsizing” that I have been doing to my closet and electronics–to the AdventureRx podcast! That’s right…this entire episode was made from audio recorded on iPhone with some help from a small plugin attachment from Zoom. In the turmoil of turning our life upside down it’s been hard to get space (and time!) to record and so I thought it could be interesting to see how light we can go with our audio–but this isn’t something I am anticipating using under normal conditions…I just figured it would be good to know how it performs!

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Episode 36 Updates on the Ketogenic diet and athletic performance with type1 diabetes

Episode 36 of the Adventure Rx podcast is an update about the Keto diet that I blogged extensively about this summer. One of the reasons I became so enamored with dietary optimization was the fact that climbing was inherently less accessible as I was working in an urban environment and even traveling to a climbing gym was a significant endeavor that would have created an untenable strain on my family life. While I loved the improvement on my blood sugar, I was still unconvinced that it would be ideal for climbing–a pursuit that involves a great deal of metabolic variety. Well, after a few months of putting it to the test in the vertical world, I have an update–and more!

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