Trance is the motion


Haltingly progressing forward we lurch
Into a parking area packed with
Obviously cherished vehicles which starkly contrast with my own;
The failing sunlight belies the haste we must make
Crossing four lanes of California traffic
In time to rendezvous with our old friend gravity

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Shinobe: rock art, climbing and Beaver

We tried to leave the snow behind but it insisted on following close behind. We fled further south to a little known area called the Parowan Gap where an incredible array of rock art can be found but more on that later.

En route we were forced to bivy for the night at horrific truck stop in Beaver, UT. I know my restroom diatribes resemble the beating of a deceased horse, but I couldnt make this stuff up if I tried. And I can assure you, having written four blogs plus photos in two days, I have little desire to ‘try’.

So we parked in the back, out of sight of the filthy clientele of this establishment and both of us being in need of some “freshening up” before crashing out for the evening, we headed in to the truck stop to seek out their bathrooms, which were located behind tasteful display racks of “I love Beaver” memorabilia.

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Bouldering in Joes Valley: why Utah is the best state to live in

As many of you know, Stefanie and I have been batting around the idea of moving to Utah. The first question from anyone who doesn’t climb is invariably something along the lines of:’Why would you want to move there? What is there anyhow?’ The answer we found may surprise you but Utah is the best state to live in if being active outside is a priority for you!

After our foray into the Winds, we packed up the car in deteriorating conditions and cold and wet we made the drive out into Pinedale. We had wanted to spend some time climbing in Idaho but the weather system that was poised to hammer Wyoming was still active to the west in Idaho. The only reliable option to beat the cold and snow was to head down into Utah.

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Hiking in the wind river range: Green River Lakes and Squaretop Mt

From the joys and comforts of Devils Tower Lodge we headed west and then south to the climber friendly haven of Lander Wyoming for some hiking in the Wind River Range. We were hoping to find some reprieve from the cold and windy weather while pulling on the limestone pockets of nearby Sinks Canyon. On our last foray through central WY we opted for Wild Iris, the higher elevation cousin which sits at a cool 9000 some odd feet above sea level, perfect for summer outings. Sinks is around 5000 feet and we hoped it would provide us with some convenient climbing.

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Devils Tower: Sacred to Many

Devil’s Tower is the columnar volcanic monolith rising out of the plains that most people would recognize but few would be able to place it in the very northeastern corner of Wyoming—near Hulett to be exact—without a bit of research. Since we stopped at the tower last summer on our way through, we had a chance to do that all important research. I concluded that maybe in a few years I would be ready to climb it and Stefanie told me that I had better look elsewhere for a partner because she would have none of it. Ever.

Stefanie attempting to position Capt Silverhawk for a photo-op in the middle of the highway.

Wyoming: you’ve never seen so much nothing.

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