The first leg of my journey begins with a stop in at my dad’s place where I ate some chicken soup to help ward off a cold that I’ve been battling for a few days now. I struggled with the desire to capture the trip out to Minnesota to get the trailer because after all, it’s not anything grand and not too adventurous. Right? As it turns out, learning how to shoot, edit and post from my phone in a pinch is good practice for what lies ahead. Besides, it’s important to capture the less polished moments of the adventure because that’s what we are all about!

My first challenge on the road was finding reliable internet to post videos–but I did at long last and managed to shoot a little bit of the drive across Pennsylvania on I-80. The weather looked clear but very cold and being all loaded down, slower and with no home base to come back to makes this venture seem a bit more committing yet.

I am trying to stay focused on what is motivating this change of lifestyle and not get too bogged down with the immediate challenges of getting started, posting videos and blogs–let alone the adaptation that will have to occur in the coming weeks. What do you think will be the biggest challenge of this transition? I think your guess is as good as mine right now because being hopeful and speculating is all we can do! Drop a comment and let us know–and stay tuned for the rest of the ride because soon we will have the trailer and all sort of adventures (mishaps?) are sure to follow!

Our first meetup will be March 4-6 in Joshua Tree National Park CA. No cost, no frills. Just action…maybe just a few tasteful hashtags though. RSVP via email:

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