This is a short post–literally, some housekeeping. I’m auctioning off the photography prints that won’t travel well on this next journey and they could be yours if you’d like. Signed, shipped and a hand-written thank you note! It was only a few years ago–right at this time of year actually, when Stefanie and I packed up the little red Tercel–the ‘Dragon Wagon’ with all of our stuff and hit the road for Project365. Now it’s a lot different. That’s what I keep telling myself, but it feels pretty similar. I occasionally take breaks from wondering how I accumulated so much stuff (again) and answering buyers questions on eBay (no, it doesn’t have ‘moth damage’–pretty sure I would have mentioned that in the description…). I realized that one marked difference between 2015 and 2011 is that this time LivingVertical has something to show for itself as we venture out on another quest. We have a team. Experience. Media. Events. We aren’t going into this melee armed with a pea-shooter!

I looked around at some of the photo prints that I had ordered for myself last year and never got a chance to hang, just sitting in their tubes around the living room. They are part of the story of LivingVertical and the people who are making it thrive. I know that a 13 foot trailer is not the right place for these prints that I love. So I’ve decided to do an informal auction on our Facebook page so that I don’t have to leave them behind. They deserve better than that, and if you’d like a shot at owning some of my work, just drop a comment on the photo(s) that you’d like in the “Housecleaning Photo Auction” album linked here and very obviously on the homepage. I will be closing the bids down at 6PM EST on November 27th.


See? I told you it was short! At least for me this is short. I’ve sent text messages longer than this post!