A lot, actually! In preparation for the upcoming launch of the AdventureRx tour in 2016 (otherwise known as my families life on the road) it seems to make sense to start building in a more visual component to what we have going on here. During Project365 we made short videos and took lots of photos which ultimately led up to the full documentary. The upcoming journey is a little less structured and has fewer specific goals at the start. It’s going to change moment to moment and the ways in which we share that process will have to be able to accommodate that. Thus, YouTube!

I am hoping to continue the podcast and blogs while adding in short videos that will tell the stories of our lives on the road, the places we bring diabetes, the people we meet and the adventures we have. It’s not unlikely that some climbing specific projects will crop up along the way too–and I’d much rather knock off a bunch of shorts than sit at a desk for 9 months to make a documentary. So if you’re into this idea, give our videos a watch, a share and subscribe to our channel! I will be cross-posting videos to the blog periodically too because I know that many people only read the blog and don’t want to seek out additional channels like YouTube.

Below: My Dexcom taping method–I know I have read about 100 different variations but I can never make sense of the directions so I figured a video could simplify it and help others secure their sensors for a longer time–I apologize that you have to see a bit of my exposed “hock” in this particular work–I guess it’s all part of being edgy…

Also, for World Diabetes Day, our creative director Blake McCord put together a new trailer for the Wind River Project which we have been working on for the last several months and it is nearing completion.

Type 1 diabetes is what we make of it and this is our take. That’s always been the point of making something…different. The fact that we CAN take that liberty of expression and self-actualization is in itself significant.

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