A couple of weeks ago I got an idea. Andres (listen to his podcast interview here!) suggested that I ask the LivingVertical community to share photos of their weekend adventures with goal of sharing back a couple of photos on Instagram each monday morning. If our goal is to inform and inspire others to go beyond diabetes then this seemed like a good idea. But would it work?

I was initially skeptical. I told Andres that it would be worth a try but I secretly expected to just hear crickets in reply when I put out the ask. Week one had about 6 or 7 submissions. Week 2 had more than 10. Week three more than 15. So I decided that rather than choose 2 or 3 photos to share and just sit on the rest–why not put out a weekly gallery with ALL the shots right here on our blog!

This is somewhat of an experiment–can we help support eachother as we move forward with goals in the real world through sharing our experiences in the virtual world? It’s a tricky balance but one that can be achieved, I think. Do you want to get involved? It’s really simple–just share the activities that allow you to Go Beyond diabetes by emailing your photo submission to steve@livingvertical.org. Share as much or as little information about what you are doing and why.

Each week, I’ll post the submissions I receive and readers can comment with questions, thoughts or support. Or all of those. I keep returning to the idea that the value in anything we do is how much we can give away. I’d love to be guiding people with diabetes through canyons or up cliffs again–but that’s not on the table right now. If I can use this as a platform to inspire and inform our community about ways that they can get after it on their own terms, that could be a help to some.

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