I’ll keep this short and sweet because I want to spend my day training for the LEAD 2014 project and taking advantage of the fact that my hand is starting to heal. Today I am excited to announce that Team LivingVertical has launched on social media to connect with you as we begin training and preparing to come together from all corners of the country (and possibly the world) to bring our diabetes up remote alpine first ascents this summer.

Here’s what you do. Click this link to follow the team page. Then, reach out and say “Hi”. That’s all.

Follow Team LivingVertical on Facebook

I am proud of what Stefanie and I created through Project365 and your support made that a success–now that effort has brought together a team of diabetic climbers who are raising the bar and are amazing role models and mentors. The team has a lot of experience and inspiration to share so we are expanding our social media outreach accordingly.

Diabetes is what we make of it. It does not have to be our burden–it is our challenge and we will go beyond it through embracing that challenge. This philosophy isn’t an obscure one off, based on a stunt climbing challenge. It’s for everyone, and it’s something we want YOU to participate in and connect with. We are growing and sharing. Grow with us.

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