Day 196 dawned early, after not enough sleep and before the sun was properly up. I thought pre-dawn starts were reserved for fishing and alpine climbing!


I headed over to ClimbTime Indy with the “other” Stephanie in my life who has been my media liaison since the outset of the Roche partnership. Not to be confused with my wife Stefanie who unfortunately could not attend this trip to Indianapolis…

Without going into an esoteric rant, reminiscent of an Oscar “thank you speech” I can tell you that there are SO many moving parts in the developments of the last several weeks (which are amazing, and are exponentially increasing the affect of Project 365) and without so much support I would be lost and babbling incoherently on a street corner somewhere. I can’t say enough to thank Stefanie for all her personal support and being my anchor through all this, and Stephanie for busting skulls and handling scheduling and logistics down to the smallest details.

So much for brevity.

We connected with Sherman Burdette from Fox 59 and we shot a climbing interview then headed back to speak at the bloggers summit.

I was so warmly received that it felt great to get up and share the story of Stef and myself taking on this project. I felt very appreciated and very understood as everyone at the summit has projects of their own to empower and better the diabetes community.

From the summit I went with Stephanie to Roche headquarters to meet the folks who have been putting their time and energy into creating this partnership and the website at Again it was amazing to make more friends and to share the project in a personal way and really see and hear how it’s affecting folks.

Soon I will be back on the road and laboring in relative solitude again. Memories of the relationships built today will fuel me through whatever is hiding around the corner! This has been an amazing privilege.