Climbed: Approach 1000′, The Tower 5.7 55’x2 1110 ft

Total 2215′

Injected: AM Lantus 6u Humalog 4u PM Humlog 4u Lantus 5u

Carbs: AM 55g Snacks 2x 15(halfs of a Builder Bar) PM 50g snack 10g= 145g

Sugar is trending slightly low despite a significant increase in Carbohydrate intake and decreasing insulin. No major dietary tweaks, just oatmeal, Clifbars, saltines and Nori. 

Today was a good day. Sun, warm rock, relative solitude…with the notable exception of some local yahoos who were scrambling around on the cliffs above us and were hooting and hollering about how “they put metal thingies in the rock so climbers can tie their ropes up”. Got to charge up the little GoPro camera with the solar rig which was nice after being unable to put on enough layers to keep the cold out yesterday!

I have been getting some sage advice from some of my mentors on how to survive this process–which is helpful…sometimes when I really sit back and think about what I have ahead of me I begin to freak out. When we used to do these types of climbing trips our motto was “climb until the money runs out or it stops being fun”. Now that is a little bit different. We can’t step off this ride when it starts spinning too fast.

I am working on finding the fun in what we are doing–shifting perspective. The similarities between climbing and diabetes are remarkable. Climbing is all about  controlling yourself. So is diabetes. Being forced to do something that you SHOULD do…shouldn’t be so bad right? Looking at the big picture is always going to be overwhelming…and sometimes, yeah you need to step back, take it all in and scream $@*& at the top of your lungs.

But winning the battle over this condition lies in the ability to prioritize day to day tasks. This climbing challenge will succeed or fail based on that same merit. I challenge everyone to consider the direction and the value of your days–because like it or not, those days are going by and either you’re getting better at something, getting stronger and more experienced…or you’re not.