We have a couple days left in North Carolina–which is bittersweet. We are superpsyched to be days away from heading west together for the first time in over a year. On the other hand we have gotten a rare opportunity to see my family for an extended period, specifically my sisters family. My sister has been deployed in Afghanistan for the last six months or so and the holidays are a tough time for her kids–so it has been a special opportunity for us to be there for them and just hang out and play poker and Mario Kart with them!

We are trying to get some “work” done but we are also trying not to be glued to our computer since we are going to have to be able to balance our time online, sharing our adventure vs time out climbing having said adventure! We are also a day away from having our roof rack in place which will add a LOT of room to the Dragon Wagon which is amazing, and we also have a trailer in the works too, so there are some big items “in the hopper”.

Today Stef went out for a “girls day” with my nieces and I took the boys out fishing–and got to shoot some–and I am slowly learning the moves with that camera.

So yeah…that’s the latest and greatest from pre-project 365! Coming soon, updated Dragon Wagon graphic photos, cargo carrier updates and etc!